How to Add Variations to Revive Social Shares

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Revive Social comes with a convenient feature called Custom Messages or better known as Variations. This feature allows you to add multiple different messages that Revive Social can use to share.

The plugin will automatically choose one out of the available custom messages (variations) to share to your social media accounts. 

This feature helps get around issues with certain networks that don't allow frequent duplicate content such as LinkedIn and Twitter. 

It's also a way to keep your shares looking fresh even though the same link is being shared!

Step 1.

Turn on the option from the Revive Social  General Settings:

Step 2.

Head over to any post type edit screen and ensure the option is enabled to show the Share Variation metabox:

Step 3.

Enter your share message and click the Add New button to add a new share message if multiple are needed.

Add as many variation share massages you'd like to the post! Revive Social will randomly choose one each time around (The more variations you add, the better the randomization), or you can make Revive Social share the variations in the order they were added to the post.

Step 4.

Save your changes by updating the post and that's it! Custom share messages also support magic tags, checkout the available magic tags here.

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