How to use custom UTM tags in Revive Old Posts

This is a Pro Feature! Purchase the Pro version of  Revive Old Posts here.

Custom UTM tags are a premium feature. You need the Pro version of the plugin to use it. You can purchase the pro version here:

Using Custom UTM tags let you better arrange your analytics monitoring through Google Analytics.

Instead of the standard:

  • ReviveOldPost as Campaign Source
  • social as Campaign Medium 
  • ReviveOldPost  as Campaign Name 

You can have custom a Campaign Medium & Name as well as the Campaign Source being automatically set to the social network where the site visitor came from.

1 - Start by ensuring you have the Enable Google Analytics Tracking option checked on the General Settings tab of Revive Old Post:

2 - Next head to the Post Format tab and scroll down to the bottom until you see the following options:

Add your values of choice and save your settings and that's it, Google Analytics will soon starts showing your custom values

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