How to use Revive Old Post Media Sharing feature

This is a Pro Feature! Purchase the Pro version of  Revive Old Posts here.

The media sharing feature in Revive Old Posts allows you to share your media files (images and video) directly to your social media accounts!

Few things to note:

- This is a premium feature, you can see our available plans here:  Revive Old Posts Pro

- The plugin will automatically add a link to the post where the media was uploaded to.

- Not all social media platforms accept the same video formats, for maximum compatibility we recommend only trying to share  .mp4 videos.

- The media files will use your post content settings:

  • Post Tile = Media File Title
  • Post Content = Media File Description
  • Post Title & Content = Media File Title & Description

Note: Auto sharing of videos on all social networks currently is not supported. With video shares on platforms such as LinkedIn, a link to the video on your website would be shared.

On networks such as Twitter and Tumblr, the video would appear directly on those networks.

1. To get started, firstly select the Media post type from the General Settings tab of ROP:

2. Save your changes then head over to your media library and check the box Allow sharing via Revive Old Posts:

Once selected the image/video will be on rotation to be sent out to your social media accounts just like your regular posts!

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