How to share posts immediately with Revive Old Posts

This feature allows you to share posts to your connected social media accounts after  Publishing a new post or custom post type.

Follow the steps below to get started: 

1. Ensure you've connected and turned on your Social Media accounts of choice.

2. Go to General Settings on the Revive Old Posts dashboard and turn on the Enable Instant Sharing option and save your changes.

3. On new posts or even already published posts, you should now see a new option:

4. Clicking on the checkbox will drop down with a list of your active accounts. Check the network you'd like to share to and publish/update your post:

The posts will be added to the sharing Queue of the plugin in the background and will share the next time the WordPress Cron hit. 

The checkboxes will remain checked until the posts are shared. Once shared it will show up in the log and the checkboxes will revert to their unchecked state.

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