Available Magic Tags in Revive Old Posts

This is a Pro Feature! Purchase the Pro version of  Revive Old Posts here.

Revive Old Posts Pro comes with built-in placeholders or "magic tags" that you can use within your Custom Messages or the Additional Text area in the Post Format settings!

Currently available magic tags are as follows:

Magic tag Details
{title} The post title
{url} The post link
{comment_count} The number of comments on the post. Includes the word "comments"
{author} The post author
{date} The post publish date
{login} The login URL, if WooCommerce is installed this will be the My Account login URL
{price} (WooCommerce) The product price
{sale_price} (WooCommerce) The product sale price
{sales} (WooCommerce) The number of sales of the product shared. Includes the word "sales"

For the  {comment_count} and {sales} magic tags; the plugin will not display any output if they are 0. The point at which the output is displayed can be manipulated using the the following hooks:



Both hooks accept an integer and can be used as follows:

	function rop_increase_sales_magic_tag(){
	//Magic tag would only output if product has more than 10 sales
	return 10;
	add_action('rop_show_after_n_sales', 'rop_increase_sales_magic_tag' );
	function rop_increase_comments_magic_tag(){
	//Magic tag would only output if post has more than 4 comments
	return 4;
	add_action('rop_show_after_n_comments', 'rop_increase_comments_magic_tag' );

We'll keep adding more magic tags as we think of them! Have an idea for a magic tag?  Let us know here.