How to fix Revive Old Post not posting

If Revive Old Post (ROP) does not share posts to social media for you then more often than not the issue is with WordPress' Cron. This can be because you do not have enough users visiting your website or something is wrong with WordPress Cron such as it being turned off.

This document is for you if your post's scheduled time is passing but nothing is being sent to the connected social media accounts or if ROP keeps showing the refresh the page text on the side with no change after the page has been refreshed.

There are two ways to go about addressing the issue, the first one is the simplest and involves logging into your server via FTP and navigating to where you installed WordPress, find the file called wp-config.php and open it for editing. 

Method 1.

You can create a Cron job for Revive Old Post using EasyCron , they're an alternative to Method 3, their free plan is adequate if your posts shares are 30 minutes in between. They have made a tutorial showing how to setup their service with Revive Old Post, in the tutorial they show the interval in the Revive Old Post settings needs to be 1 hour but it can actually be 20 minutes but not less or your posts still won't end up going through until EasyCron pings your website again(at the 20 minute mark).

See tutorial:

NOTE: Upon signing up to Easycron you'll receive a few days with one of their paid plans which lets you create cron schedules with shorter intervals. Be aware that after this free trial ends the interval between your cron job will be set to around 1 ping every 20 minutes.

Method 2.

The other method to fixing the issue is creating a true cron for your website. This requires you having access to your cPanel account to make the following changes. Host Gator has gone ahead and created a pretty detailed document on how to create a true cron for WordPress so we will use it.

Please go here to view the document:  How to create a true cron for WordPress

If you are not comfortable with performing any of these methods then we highly recommend you contact your web host for assistance. They will be able to perform either method for you in no time.

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