Using Revive Social with WooCommerce to Boost Product Sales

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The first thing we are going to talk about is Magic Tags. In the post share above is a Facebook post made by Revive Social, the Price, Sale Price and Number of Sales are all Dynamic. This means that the plugin automatically pulls the data from the respective product. 

We do this using what's called a Magic Tag. Revive Social currently has 13 available magic tags. We're always thinking of new ones to add so this number might increase in the future!

Side Note: Revive Social also has support for Big Commerce! All the product-specific magic tags below also work for Big Commerce.

Available Magic Tags

Magic tag Details
{title} The post title
{url} The post link
{comment_count} The number of comments on the post. Includes the word "comments"
{author} The post author
{date} The post publish date
{week_day} The day of the week
{the_date} The current date. Uses format set in your WordPress general settings.
{login} The login URL, if WooCommerce is installed this will be the My Account login URL
{price} (WooCommerce) The product price
{sale_price} (WooCommerce) The product sale price
{sales} (WooCommerce) The number of sales of the product shared. Includes the word "sales"
{stock_status} (WooCommerce) Outputs "In Stock" if the product is in stock. Outputs nothing if the product is out of stock.
{stock_quantity} (WooCommerce) Outputs the stock quantity. If there are no more left in stock magic tag outputs nothing.

(Yes Revive Social and the Magic Tags feature can be used for any WordPress post type but we'll focus on WooCommerce in this article)

From the table above, the 3 WooCommerce magic tags we used for the share were {price} {sale_price} and {sales}.

The second thing we'll talk about is share variations. These are different description variations that can be used when sharing the products to your social media. They override the content inside the description and you can place magic tags inside them. 

The product share in the image above was created with the following share variation:

Here's the fun part... you can add different descriptions to increase engagement with a particular product.

You can continue adding as many variations as you like and the plugin will automatically choose a random message to use for a share.

The magic tags will automatically pull the information when the product is shared to your social media accounts.

With this, Revive Social makes it possible to increase traffic by constantly keeping your products in the eyes of existing or potential customers, with the right copy; conversions to your products are a sure thing! So focus on other aspects of your store while our plugin does the rest!

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