Adding Emojis to Your Post Shares

Adding emojis to your posts could improve its appeal and also improve engagement. It should, however, not be spammy.

To go through the tutorial we will use the following website to get our emojis: to grab the emoji you want simply search for it and then highlight and right-click -> copy:

Paste the emoji you chose in your post title or description; whichever you wish and then publish your post. If you paste the emoji in the post title you will see that it also shows in the permalink, though this might not be an issue with most browsers— it is better that we remove this for those edge cases. Start by clicking "Edit" next to the permalink and then deleting the emoji and clicking "OK" to save:

Yep! That's it. When the post is shared on Facebook for example, it will show the emoji:

You could go ahead and add emojis to your post content if you wish but you need to be a little more creative if you do not want something like this to happen:

The reason this happens is that for the Facebook post content we used the website's post body, so in the preview, it would show your emojis in there as well as in the Facebook post content. The same would happen if you used the post title as the content and it had the emoji in it.

To get around this we need to pull our share content from a custom field! To learn how to do this check out the guide here: Go to article

You would simply add the emojis in the custom field for the post content.

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