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How to setup shortening in Revive Old Post

This document explains how to shorten links from Revive Old Post when sharing.

To use URL shortening service, we need to first enable URL shortener option from Post Format tab of Revive Old Posts, for the account you want to enable shortening while sharing. To enable, Select Yes for option Use url shortener.

After enabling the URL shortner, you can see a new option comes up - URL Shortener Service. Select the service you want to use.

rviv.ly - This service is free to anyone who uses Revive Old Posts. No API key needed.

bit.ly - Please have a look at this article

Google firebase - Learn how to setup this shortener here.

ow.ly - For Ow.ly you need to fill out and submit this form and wait till you recieve your API key. Click here to go to form

is.gd - It requires no API key, and you can use it for free.

wp_short_url - It requires no API key, and you can use it for free.

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