How to setup Google firebase shortener with Revive Old Posts

Step 1.

Ensure you're logged into your Google Account and go to the Firebase website:

Step 2. 

Click GO TO CONSOLE on the top right:

Step 3.

Click Add project and give it a name:

(You do not need to check any options, you can uncheck the option which is checked in the screenshot above, on the following page you will also get some more checkbox, you can leave them all unchecked and click create project)

Step 4.

After the page is loaded scroll way to the bottom and select the See All Firebase features option:

Step 5.

Scroll way down to the bottom and select Dynamic Links. After clicking the option a page will

Step 6. 

Click Get Started 

Step 7.

Enter a subdomain of choice for your links, this can be anything but we recommend keeping it in line with your website domain. 

Click continue and firebase will let you know if the link is available for use.

Step 8.

Add the subdomain link which you just created inside the domain textarea on the ROP settings page:

Step 9.

Grab the API Key by clicking the gear icon and then selecting project settings and then copying the Web API Key to your settings:

Save your changes and that's it! Your posts will now be shared with firebase dynamic links.

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