How to exclude taxonomies in Revive Social


In the Pro version of Revive Social this setting is under the Post Format tab and works on a per-account basis.


Below are the steps to exclude Taxonomies(tags, categories, custom taxonomies) in ROP:

What are Taxonomies? 

Taxonomy is a fancy term used for something which classifies another. In WordPress the taxonomies are Categories and Tags. Custom taxonomies can also be created using code or plugins.

1. Go to WordPress Admin Dashboard > Revive Social > Dashboard.

2. Under the  General Settings tab, you'll see this option: 

By default, the "Exclude" option is not selected. Check the Exclude? option and click in the text area to populate your categories, tags and custom taxonomies in a dropdown. 

Any taxonomy  selected from the list will be Excluded.

If you do not check the Exclude? option:

Then ONLY the taxonomies selected will be shared, and all other taxonomies will be ignored.

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