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The Revive Social plugin is a powerful and versatile tool designed to breathe new life into your WordPress website's content. With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, this plugin enables you to effortlessly share and promote your older posts on social media platforms, ensuring that your valuable content continues to reach your audience long after it's been published.

🎥 Video - Connecting Social Accounts to Revive Social

🧩 Plugin Tabs

  • Accounts - Connect your desired social accounts.
  • General Settings - Contains general settings of the plugin, such as the post types to share, categories and tags to exclude, etc.
  • Post Format - Contains settings on how exactly posts are shared to your different social accounts, for example with or without hashtags.
  • Custom Schedule (PRO) - Used to set a fixed sharing time or custom sharing intervals.
  • Manage Queue (PRO) - Allows you to see your upcoming posts to be shared; it's also possible to edit these posts before they get sent out from this tab. Editing the posts in the Manage queue is only possible in PRO.
  • Sharing Log - From this tab you could see the status messages from your shares and see if there were any errors during sharing.

⚙️ Plugin Settings Explained

This is the accounts tab; from here, you can attach your social profiles. 

The Revive Social plugin allows you to share posts on the most popular social media platforms. However, there are some limitations regarding the number of  social media accounts available in the free version, so you can have only one Facebook page and one Twitter account. 

📝 Note: The Revive Social plugin does have limits regarding the number of posts shared on Twitter, according to the pricing plan. Learn more about this here.

General settings

From the General settings page, you can change the main settings of the plugin:

  • To only share posts created from last month onward you would enter 30 in the  Minimum age of post to be eligible for sharing textbox and 0 in the Maximum age of post to be eligible for sharing; if you would like to share all posts no matter when they were posted then you would enter 0 in both these textboxes.
  • Number of posts - The number of posts you want to share when the job is executed. For example, if you want to share only 3 posts as per your scheduled time, enter 3. By default, the value is 1.
  • Share old posts more than once - If you have lots of articles on your website, then it might be best to check this option. By the time the plugin would have shared all your posts it would have been perfectly fine to share the older ones again without your followers wondering why the post is being shared again so soon.
  • Post type - Custom post types are types of posts that do not come by default with WordPress but are possible either via creating them manually or using a plugin such as Custom Post Type UI (we do not provide support on actually creating custom post types) as long as the post type is present on your website our plugin will detect it, and it will show up in this area, check it if you would like to share those posts.
  • Taxonomies - You can select particular taxonomies to filter out the posts to be shared. Apart from excluding entire posts Revive Social also allows you to exclude posts that are assigned to a particular category or tag.
  • Enable Google Analytics Tracking - Check this option to add UTM campaign tags to your shares so you can monitor traffic from your Google Analytics dashboard.
  • Custom Share Messages - Enable this option to select to share the post with custom messages instead of the default ones.

Post Format

Some of these options bring up new options when selected, and some of these are self-explanatory so we will go through those which might not be so obvious.

These changes are saved per social profile, so if you have more than one social profile be sure to adjust their settings accordingly by selecting the one you want to edit from the left:

As you can see from above, there are two profiles, LinkedIn and Twitter; selePost Title

  1. Post Content
  2. Post Title and Content
  3. Custom Field

If you select " Custom Field" from the Post Content Area, then you would enter the name of the custom field you would like to fetch content from in this textbox; this procedure would apply to all other custom field options.

  • Maximum Chars - Enter the maximum length of the share. It is important to note that this value could go above 140 for networks that support it such as Facebook or LinkedIn but for Twitter, the max is 140 characters, including the link.
  • Additional Text - Use this textbox to add additional text to your share; the text in this box always takes precedence, so if you set the max length to 10, your post content is "Title Only", and your additional text is "testing", the plugin will make sure that your additional text is displayed even though it means cutting off characters from the title.
  • Use URL Shortener - Revive Social could automatically shorten your URLs on the fly while sharing. Use this option if you have a long domain name and long post names and are sharing to networks such as Twitter.

Custom Schedule

There are two types of scheduling available:

  • Recurring

Just like before you could set these settings per social profile, so you could have Twitter sharing every 2 hours and LinkedIn every 8 hours.

  • Fixed

You could choose to share every certain number of hours (every 2 hours, every 2 1/2 hours (2.5) etc.) or you could create a custom schedule.

In the above image, we have chosen to post from this profile (the one selected on the left) every day of the week at 09:30 AM and at 02:05 AM. You could add as many post times as you wish; please keep in mind that these posts may not always fire at the exact time you set but will be accurate by a few minutes more or less.

Sharing Queue

The post queue lets you see the upcoming posts to be shared and their content and images; if you select to share them with featured images, click the pencil icon to edit the post or the trash icon to remove it from the queue.


The log shows the status of previously shared posts. Use it to monitor whether your posts are being posted or not.

🛠 Basic Troubleshooting

Some basic troubleshooting steps for Revive Social are as follows:

1. Try disabling all plugins on your website then check if the issue you are experiencing still occurs. If it doesn't then start enabling each plugin again one by one to filter out the one which causes the problem.

2. If posts are not being posted to certain profiles then try creating a new profile and then connect it to Revive Social and try sharing it. Also, try sharing a sample post to see if that post goes through.

3. Disconnect the social profile and reconnect it, in the case of Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Try creating a new Application and setting it up again as before.

If your problem still exists, submit a support ticket at: Be sure to let us know if you've tried all these steps while submitting your ticket to help us deduce possible issues quickly.

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