How to exclude posts in Revive Social

This feature allows you to exclude posts that you don't want to be shared on your social media accounts.

NOTE: You can only exclude up to 30 posts in the free version of Revive Social.

Excluding posts in Revive Social is fairly simple.

Here are the steps you can follow to to do this:

1. Go to WordPress Dashboard > Revive Social > Exclude Posts

2. There you'll see a screen like this:

3. Hover on a post you want to exclude

To display the posts you have excluded, click on Show only excluded posts toggle button.

Post types - This option lets you display from the type of posts (posts, pages, custom post types, etc.) you want to display the posts that can be excluded.

Taxonomies - This option let's you select the posts from the taxonomies (like categories, and subcategories). And if you check the Exclude Taxonomies option, it will exclude all the posts under that taxonomy.

You can also search from the posts list (really efficient if you have multiple posts), and select to exclude the posts.


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