Fix the 'manage_pages' permission must be granted before impersonating a user's page

This error usually happens when you are trying to connect pages from the same Facebook account, to different websites using Revive Old Posts. 

Because of Limitations in how Revive Old Posts and Facebook works, it is only possible to connect one set of Facebook pages to a specific website. 

What this means is that if you connect your pages to then go on to and try connecting your pages again from that same Facebook account, then the Facebook sharing on will stop working and throw the error:

"The 'manage_pages' permission must be granted before impersonating a user's page"

This is because has become unauthenticated. If you go back to connect your Facebook pages on Website 1, then Website 2 will then become unauthenticated.


If you're an agency, social media marketer, or a freelancer who purchased our plugin and you are installing Revive Old Posts on your client's website, then have your clients use their own Facebook account to connect their pages to their respective website, instead of you doing it for them using your Facebook account( where they might have given you admin access to the Facebook pages). 

That way as you go about installing ROP on other websites you will not run into this issue. 

Another workaround if you're using the Pro version of the plugin and own multiple websites, would be to connect your Facebook(using the Facebook network button inside ROP) on one of the websites and on your other websites use our Buffer Integration

Connect your Facebook pages inside Buffer, then import your connected buffer pages into ROP, you can then switch to another website and import your buffer pages again and delete the ones you do not want connected to that particular website from the ROP Accounts area.

NOTE: The Free version of Buffer only allows you to connect 3 social accounts for Free. Buffer treats 1 Facebook page as 1 social account This mean's in the Free version of Buffer you'd only be able to connect 3 Facebook pages. All in all you'd be able to use ROP with the same Facebook account on 4 different websites with this workaround.

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