How to Activate Your Revive Old Posts License

Revive Old Posts come with a license key, a license which you will find in your accounts Purchase History

To activate the license key for the plugin, follow these steps:

1. Download the Pro Addon plugin from your Purchase History then upload and activate it on your website. (How to install WordPress Plugins)

2. After activation, navigate to Settings->General and scroll down until you see the plugin license input.

3. Insert the license key into the field and click Activate.

4. To make sure that your license key was properly activated, check its status. 


Sometimes things can go wrong for various reasons. If after activating the license key the features of the plugin do not appear, please try following these steps:
  • If you added the license key in the license field, please delete it
  • Write in that field some random characters: abc123
  • Press Activate and wait until you see the Invalid Key message
  • Delete the random characters and add the license key again
  • Press Activate and Save Changes
If the features still don't work, please open a new incognito browser window, go to your website's admin page (WP dashboard) and redo the troubleshooting steps one more time.
If you still have issues then write us so we can further investigate.
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