How to Update your PHP version

Revive Old Posts requires at least PHP 7.1 to function properly at this time. Not updating to a higher version of PHP can cause your website and Revive Old Posts to function unpredictability. 

Not updating to a recent version of PHP leaves your website and server open to security exploits, we highly recommend that you update as soon as possible. If your web host does not agree to update the PHP for your website then we advise switching hosts! You will run into more future issues than just with our plugin if you do not upgrade your PHP version. 

See here for some of the Best Web Hosts for your website.

NOTE: Take a backup of your website before performing any of the methods below. They should cause no harm but it doesn't hurt to backup before changes like these.

Video Tutorial:

Text Tutorial:

Method 1.

Contact your web host to perform the upgrade for you. Simply tell them that you'd like to update your PHP version to the latest PHP 7.x or at least PHP 7.1

Method 2.

If you're using Cpanel you can easily change your PHP version from the options. Start by logging into your Cpanel account and locating the setting called "PHP Selector"

From the options select your desired PHP version (we recommend at least 7.1)

Click Update and your PHP version will be updated.

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