How to create a Pinterest Application for Revive Old Post

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Pinterest has changed their systems and isn't currently allowing new applications unless reviewed. Only users who previously had Apps are currently able to connect Pinterest.

DO NOT SUBMIT A NEW APP if you're a new user. We've already submitted an app for review by Pinterest so that we can add a seamless account addition like with Facebook & Twitter in Revive Old Posts, but our application is still pending with Pinterest.

Once we hopefully get our App approved we'd be able to add a one-click Pinterest account into ROP. We, unfortunately, have no ETA on when this will happen as we have received no info from Pinterest.

At this time it is not possible to connect Pinterest unless you previously had a Pinterest app.

This article shows you how to create a Pinterest app for Revive Old Post plugin. When creating the LinkedIn App keep it in Development Mode. You do not need to put the app through review for it to work with Revive Old Posts.

1. Go to

2. Click the Create App button:

3. Fill in the App details:

4. Fill in the Site URL and then click Save Changes.

5. Fill in the Redirect URI with the following template:

Change  to your website. Press enter on your keyboard after entering the URL:

Click save changes afterwards.

NOTE: Refresh the page to ensure that your Redirect URI is saved.

6. Copy the App ID and App Secret and paste it into the Pinterest account details of Revive Old Posts and click Sign In

7. Give the app permissions to share to your account by clicking Okay

That's it! Your boards should now be connected! 

Note: Pinterest does apply limits and issue blocks to accounts. We recommend posting to Pinterest few times a day, see here for more information on how to avoid these blocks. With Revive Social Business and up you can set what times and what days you'd like to post to any Pinterest board as well as your other social networks. See more here.

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