How to Go Through the Facebook Review Process

NOTE: The final step of this process requires you upload supporting business Documents to Facebook for approval.

Facebook has been making a lot of breaking changes to their platform which is affecting many users across many plugins which do automatic posting to Facebook.

The steps below are an outline of how to go through the review process, these steps simply aid in the process, the Facebook review team might leave comments as what additional information you must show them:

1. Go to the app in and switch it to live mode

2. Before submitting the app go to  Settings->Basic and check the Support my own business option and save your changes:

3. Switch to the app App Review screen and click start submission:

Check the Manage publish_pages and manage_pages option and click Add Items

4. Click Add Details to get started with adding details for the permission

Set the reason as Publishes articles and content from my website to my business page

5. Select Web as your platform:

6. The review process requires that you explain how the app is used. You have the following options:

  • Provide login credentials to the review team along with the text below.
  • Create a demo website for the review process and provide the credentials to the review team.
  • Just provide the text below alone.
- Go to
- Log in using the following credentials:

Username: admin
Password: welcome


- When logged in click the "Revive Old Posts" option, see here:
- Click the "+" icon next to Add Account, see here:
- Click the Facebook button, see here:
- Create a Facebook APP using the following:
- From the modal window enter the APP ID and APP Secret for your Facebook app.
- Click Sign In after entering your APP details, see here:
- This will bring you to the Facebook app permissions screen, where you give the app permissions to your facebook pages 
- After clicking continue, you will get the prompt for manage and publish as pages permission, see here:
- After clicking "OK" you will be redirected to the website dashboard with your profile and a list of your pages which you can choose to share posts to
- Clicking "Start Sharing" would start the sharing process with an approved app
- Without the manage_pages and publish_pages permissions, the posts from MY website would not share to MY pages.

7. In the area provided for the screencast download and upload this screencast:

Do the same thing and enter the same information in the details area for the other permission and start the review process.

The review process will take a few days-weeks, once your app has been reviewed you'll get an email letting you know. If the app is denied check the reviewer's notes and attempt to provide the information asked.

There is a high chance that you will get denied on first attempt for any permission, when/if this happens open a 1 on 1 ticket with the Facebook staff to help them better understand your use case. Head over to and click Ask a Question. 

Below is a transcript of how a conversation with the Facebook Review team went which ultimately resulted in getting the app approved with the permissions. Do note that you will need to verify a business with Facebook in order to be able to use these permissions, unfortunately there's nothing we can do about this as it's Facebook's terms. 

These transcripts will serve as an idea on how to go about with communicating with the review team, most times the reviewer will not know much about what's going on and it will be your duty to make them understand and get the idea across.

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