How to create a Twitter Application for Revive Old Post

Before Going Further:

There is no longer a need to create a Twitter application to connect your account to Revive Old Posts. We have made the process much simpler! All you need to do is click the  Sign in to Twitter button as shown below:

A popup window will appear to take you through the process of connecting your account.

This article shows you how to create a Twitter app for Revive Old Post plugin. 
NOTE: You will need an approved developer account before you can create a Twitter app.
Please check this link for more details: -->>

1- Go to and sign into your account.

2- Select the following Use cases for your app:

3-  In the text area where you're asked to explain more about your app enter the following text:

What is the purpose of your product or service?

A plugin which shares content from my website to my Twitter account.
What will you deliver to your users/customers?

I'm not delivering anything to users/customers currently, just sharing content from my website to my Twitter account.
How do you intend to analyze Tweets, Twitter users, or their content?

I don't intend to analyze any tweets from Twitter users or their content. I do not need such permissions/functionality, I'll just be sharing content from my website to my Twitter acount.
How is Twitter data displayed to users of your end product or service (e.g. will Tweets and content be displayed at row level or in aggregate)?

Tweets will be displayed as normal individual tweets and Twitter cards

These questions might be different at the time you're creating your app, please answer them accordingly, keeping in mind that you're trying to let Twitter know that your app is for internal use only and NOT for public use.

4- In the area below check the option No:

Wait for the approval process by Twitter, it might take a few days. 

5- Once approved head back to and click Create an app

6- Enter your App name, a short Application description such as "shares posts to Twitter" and in the Website URL area add your website.

7- Leave the option for Enable sign in with Twitter unchecked and add to Callback URLs text field your Revive Old Post dashboard URL, like

NOTE: If your website does not have a valid SSL certificate you should enter http, example: of course, change to your actual website URL. Also if your website has www. in it please add it to the URL as well.

P.S: If you plan to use Revive Old Post on more websites, make sure you do the same thing for each website.  

8- You need to add a note on how the app is used, enter the following text and click create:

This app is for internal use not public use. It allows my website to share posts to my Twitter account so my followers can engage with.

9- Click Create once again when the modal shows

NOTE: If this is your first time creating a developer account and app you will have to wait for the reviewal process before being able to create new apps.

10- Now you can copy the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret from Keys and tokens tab and paste it into the login modal for adding ROP facebook account.

11- Go to ROP dashboard from WordPress DashBoard > Revive Old Posts > Dashboard  Click Add account > Twitter.

12- Now you can paste the API key and API Secret Key from your previously created app.  

Now everything is almost done, click the Sign In button, a new page will open asking you to authorize the sharing on your behalf. 

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