How to create a Twitter Application for Revive Old Post

This article shows you how to create a Twitter app for Revive Old Post plugin. The instructions on your current plugin might be different so you can follow the instructions step by step below the video.

1- Go to

2- Add to website field the homepage of your website. 

3- Add to Callback URL your Revive Old Post dashboard URL, something like

P.S: If you plan to use Revive Old Post on more websites, make sure you do the same thing for each website.  

4- Now you can copy the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret from Keys and Access tokens tab and paste it into the login modal for adding ROP facebook account.

5- Go to ROP dashboard from WordPress DashBoard > Revive Old Posts > Dashboard  Click Add account > Twitter.

6- Now you can paste here the Consumer key  and Consumer Secret from your previously created app.  

Now everything is almost done, click the Sign In button, a new page will open asking you to authorize the sharing on your behalf.