Revive Network Plugin Documentation

Learn how to install and setup Revive Network

Downloading the plugin

Step 1: Go to Your Purchases (login with the details provided in the email after buying the plugin).

Step 2: In Your Purchases page, you'll see the products you have purchased.

Step 3: Click on Download option in Revive Network row.

Now the plugin is downloaded in your system.

Installing the plugin

Step 1: Go to Dashboard > Plugins > Add New.

Step 2: Click on Upload Plugin button.

Step 3: Click on Browse... and select the downloaded plugin from your computer. After selecting the plugin, click on Install Now.

Step 4: You'll be redirected to the successful installation page. Click on Activate Plugin button.

Step 5: You'll be redirected to the Plugins page, and will see a notice saying this:

In order to benefit from updates and support for Revive Network plugin , please add your license code from your purchase history and validate it here.

Click on here, and you'll be redirected to General Settings page. Scroll down to Revive Network license option and enter the license obtained from Your Purchases

Finally, click on Activate button. Now the plugin is installed and activated.

Revive Network overview and setup

Step 1: Click on Dashboard > Revive Network.

Step 2: You'll see the main page of Revive Network

Here is the description of tabs:

Schedule: All the feeds that you have added, will be displayed here that will be shared according to the schedule set. It contains three options:

1. Scheduled Shares: The posts which are to be shared.

2. Feed Items: The items from feeds added in Feeds page.

3. Share Settings: The settings to configure, how posts will be shared.

Feeds: All feeds from where the items are to be fetched and shared, are managed here. It has three options:

1. Feeds: The feeds that you keep saving to be shared are displayed in this section.

2. New Feed: In this section, a new feed can be added.

3. Import/Export: In this section, you can export the settings for other Revive Network instance or import feed from previously exported Revive Network instance.

Templates: In this tab, you can set posts templates that will be shared across your social networks. The templates are managed (added, or edited) in this tab.

Accounts: The social accounts linked to your blog for sharing feeds are managed in this tab. Currently, there is support for Twitter and Facebook. The accounts can be added when you create apps from the social network services in Apps tab.

Apps: The apps associated with the social network services for sharing are linked here.

Logs: The sharing activity of feeds, and post are tracked and maintained here. Visit this tab to understand the sharing process, and errors (if any).

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