How to create a LinkedIn App for Revive Old Post

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Before Going Further:

There is no longer a need to create a LinkedIn application to connect your profile/pages to Revive Old Posts. We have made the process much simpler! All you need to do is click the Sign in to LinkedIn button as shown below:

A popup window will appear to take you through the process of connecting your account.

1. Go to and sign in with your LinkedIn credentials.
2. Once logged in to your Dashboard, click on the ' Create App' button at the top right.
3. You will be asked to complete the form to create an app. This will be divided into three sections - App Information, Products and Legal Terms.
Check below to guide you on how to complete this.
App Information:
App name: (Name your App)
Company name: (Your Business name)
App description: (You can create your own description)
        Suggested: Automatic posting of old articles on a specific schedule.
App logo: (Upload your business logo)
Privacy Policy URL: (This is optional but if you have one, you can fill this in)
Business email: (Enter your business email)
Products: (no further action needed here)
Legal Terms: (Check the box 'I have read and agree to these terms')
4. Click on ' Create App' button after you have completed the form.
5. After your App has been created, click on ' Auth' tab at the top.

6. Click the pen icon under the Redirect URLs section.

Click on ' Add redirect URL' and enter yours in this format:

NOTE: If your website does not have a valid SSL certificate then the URL would be something like this -->>
Make sure to change to your actual website URL. Also if your website has www. in it please add it to the URL as well.

7. Click Update.
8. On the same page under the Application and credentials section, you will see the Client ID and Client Secret key - get these two and proceed to the next step.
9. Go to ROP dashboard from WordPress DashBoard > Revive Old Posts > Accounts.
Click Add account > LinkedIn
10. Enter the Client ID and Client Secret key you got from step 8. If you entered the correct credentials, you will be asked to login to your LinkedIn account.
11. Click on Allow on the next step.

12. You will be routed back to the ROP Dashboard. Your LinkedIn profile should now be listed under ' Accounts'. 
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