How to create a Tumblr Application for Revive Social

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1. Go to and login with your Tumblr credentials.

2. Click on Register Application. You will be routed to complete the form for the registration. Please check the guide below on how to complete it.

Application Name: (Your preference)
Application Website: (URL of your site)
App Store URL: (Optional)
Google Play Store URL: (Optional)
Application Description: (You can create your own description)
Administrative Contact Email: (Your contact email)
Default Callback URL: This can be in this format:

NOTE: If your website does not have a valid SSL certificate then the URL would be something like this -->>
Make sure to change to your actual website URL. Also if your website has www. in it please add it to the URL as well.

Alternatively, you can get the Callback URL from your WordPress Dashboard > Revive Social

      Flurry Project ID: (Optional)
      Icons: (Optional)

3. Click Register.
4. You will be routed to the Applications page where the app you created should be listed. You should be able to see the Consumer Key and the Secret Key which is needed to setup ROP.

5. Go to ROP dashboard from WordPress  DashBoard >  Revive  Social >  Accounts
6. Click  Add account > Tumblr.
7.  Enter the Consumer key and Secret key you got from step 4. Click on Allow if it the app needs a read and write access.

8. You will be routed back to the ROP Dashboard. Your Tumblr profile should now be listed under ' Accounts'.

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