How to setup a custom account for Twitter?

There is an option to use X (ex Twitter) posting through our app, however, this method cannot guarantee successful sharing because of the X network limits.
Our App has a hard limit of 1667 posts per 24 hours that cannot be exceeded (combined by all users using this method).
Each user that logs in through our App has their own limit which is 100 posts per 24 hours, however, this limit is not a guarantee. If there are other 50 users, for example, that already shared 35 posts during this 24-hour limit, it means the limit is already exceeded and the 100 posts user limit no longer plays a role.

Recommendation: By following the steps below, you can bypass these limitations and configure your own API keys.

This article provides instructions on how to generate your own Twitter application using a custom key.

Set up your own keys


If you have added your Twitter account to the Revive Social Dashboard, please remove it first.


Then, click to Add X (ex Twitter) account again and select to use your own keys:
(make sure you're using the latest version of the plugin if you're not seeing this option (Use my own API keys))

Logging in to Twitter Developer account

📝 Note: If this is not the first time you use this page, please skip to the next section to create the project.


Log in to Twitter Developer. It should have the same credentials as the Twitter account you want to use. 


You will be presented with Twitter plans, but you have the option to sign up for a free account at the bottom.


Enter your  use cases in using Twitter, there is no right or wrong answer here. It must be at least 250 characters long.


After that, agree to all terms and click the Submit button.

Creating the Project


On the Twitter Developer Dashboard, you will see the Create Project button, click on it and follow the prompt. 


Insert a project name and follow the wizard steps to create the project.


When you're done, you will be able to see the keys & tokens.

📝 Note: You can only create one app in the free plan or add an existing app.


In the right sidebar, click on Project & Apps > Overview.


Next to your name, click on App Settings.


Under User Authentication Settings, click on the Set Up button.


Set the App permissions to Read and write.


Select the Type of App as the Web app, Automated App or Bot.


Under App info, insert your own domain details:


Click on save, store your Client ID and Client Secret then click on Done.


Inside the Dashboard, go to the project > Keys and Tokens and copy the API keys.


Go back to the WordPress dashboard and click on Use your own keys, and paste the ones you copied.


Click on Authorize app to start sharing Twitter posts.

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