Automatically Updating Post Publish Date After Sharing a Post

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This feature allows you to automatically update the post publish date after a post has been shared by Revive Old Posts to your social media account.

To use the feature enable it on the General Settings page of Revive Old Posts and save your changes.


Changing the published dates of your posts after they have been shared by Revive Old Posts might not directly benefit the search engine rankings of your posts. Google has made it clear that they use several different factors to determine when a post was published. In the end, you should always try to keep the content inside your posts fresh and up to date with new information. 

Here are a few benefits of using this feature from Revive Old Posts to update the post publish date might have for your website:

  1. New visitors to your website that haven’t seen your old content might come across it depending on whether you're using post widgets or post carousels etc.
  2. People prefer to share and link to new content, and they determine that by looking at the publication date.
  3. It will highlight older posts by moving them back to the top of your blog posts page and RSS feed.
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