How to Share Different WPML Languages to Different Social Media Accounts

This is a Pro Feature! Purchase the Pro version of  Revive Old Posts here.

Sharing for multilanguage WPML websites work in both the Free and Pro version of ROP. In the Free version of the plugin Revive Old Posts will always share the primary language unless you specify otherwise. See this article for more details.

In the Pro version of ROP however, it's possible to select which language you'd like to share on a per-account basis.

Revive Old Posts will automatically detect that you have WPML installed and show a new language option on the Post Format tab in the dashboard:

Set the preferred language of posts you'd like to share to the account and that's it! ROP Will only share posts in that language.

In our example above We're sharing posts with Spanish Translations to our Facebook page called Squirls Acons. We can have a different language sharing to our Facebook page called ROP Test Page if we want:

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