Info we collect for Remote Cron Service

When you switch on the Remote Cron feature in Revive Old Posts, some information is sent to our Remote Cron Service server to register your site details. Please note that we do not share any of this information, and you can always wipe this information from our Remote Cron Service by going to:
Revive Old Posts > Debug Remote Cron >  Delete Remote Cron Service Data
What we collect Why
Website URL Our Remote Cron service needs this data to know which website(s) to send the request to so that 
the Revive Old Posts plugin can reliably perform the share.
Admin Email
If after multiple tries our Remote Cron service cannot reach your website to perform the share,
such as in situations where your site is down for an extended period of time, or something
is blocking the Remote Cron Service from working with your website; We use the admin email to send 
you an email informing you that we can't reach your website. 

Note: Your site details are automatically deleted from our Cron System after 3 months if your website cannot be reached to perform the shares. Prior to this, you will be informed via email to rectify any issues, if the system still cannot reach your website after an extended period of time, then your site details will automatically be deleted from our systems as it will consider ROP no longer being in use on your website.

Questions? Feel free to contact us here:

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