Why We're Removing Buffer

Revive Old Posts uses the Buffer integration as a way to allow users to connect their Facebook Groups and Instagram account. However, the Buffer API has been retired as of September 6th, and sharing through the Buffer service will no longer work.

We were fortunate enough to get an extension till September 30th to help our users migrate off of Buffer onto ROP.

Facebook Groups

As of version 8.5.14 of Revive Old Posts. It's possible to connect your Facebook Groups to ROP without needing buffer. To do so, simply reconnect your Facebook account, and groups, where you are an admin, will then be imported.

See here:

Facebook might ask you to allow Revive Old Posts to publish to your groups. Be sure to allow this and go through connecting your accounts like you did the first time connecting ROP. Your Groups should import just fine.

Note that You need to add the "Revive Social" app to the group which you wish to share on so that the posting will work. 

See here:

Having issues with connecting your Facebook group? Contact us here


Unfortunately, applications for posting to Instagram is closed and has been closed for a while. We will however continue to monitor this if it ever does become available and will be sure to add this functionality built into ROP as we did with Facebook Groups.

If you purchased ROP solely for Instagram and this is a deal-breaker for you. Then you may be eligible for a refund if you purchased the plugin less than 30 days ago, you can contact us here to request a refund.

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