How to make Instant Share feature truly immediate

In previous versions of Revive Old Posts, the instant share feature would by default rely on the WordPress Cron system to work. 

Unlike other posts in your usual queue, new posts published with the "Share immediately via Revive Old Posts" option checked would be scheduled by ROP to post in the next 15 seconds.

This would still rely on your WordPress Cron working properly and it was not a true immediate experience. There are also edge cases where WordPress does not create the scheduled task.

With the "Use True Instant Share" feature enabled, ROP will perform the sharing of your post as soon as you click the "Publish" or "Update" button. This is the most reliable way to ensure your share goes out after the post is published.

Since ROP will perform the sharing operation as soon as you click the publish button, you might notice a slight increase in the page refresh time after you click publish. This depends on a number of factors but wouldn't be very noticeable if you're sharing to less than 10 accounts or using the Gutenberg Editor.

Turning the option off will revert to using a scheduled WordPress task to perform the share.

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