Fix [ unauthorized_scope_error ] Scope "r_organization_social" in Revive Old Posts

You receive this error if you are trying to connect to your LinkedIn account but not actually having that permission available.

LinkedIn changed it's policy requiring all new developer apps to have verified companies and go through the verification process to get that particular permission, if you really want to know more then see here.

So if you are a have a new LinkedIn app, you'd need to go through the process, however, if you had an old LinkedIn app before the policy was changed, Revive Old Posts would have kept working fine unless you tried to connect that same app on a fresh install of Revive Old Posts.

The solution to this is error is using our LinkedIn app which has already been approved by LinkedIn and has the necessary permissions.

So to fix the issue, disconnect your LinkedIn Account(s) from Revive Old Posts dashboard and reconnect it, using the Sign in to LinkedIn button:

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