Facebook Text Posts vs Article Posts

Before Going Further:

There's no longer need for this. Please update to the latest version of Revive Old Posts and your shares will go out as Article posts just fine without needing to verify your domain.

When you first connect a Facebook account to the plugin the default settings will share your posts as text posts with a link back to your website, if, you have not verified your website domain with facebook: 

It's however more appealing to have your posts shared as article posts to Facebook which include a featured image and a large clickable area like below:

To achieve this type of post shares, you need to verify your website domain with Facebook. The process is fairly simple and takes a few minutes.

Facebook has created an article for going through the process, see here: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/sharing/domain-verification

Once you've gone through the verification process, the change might not be immediate, so please have some patience, if a few hours has passed and your shares still do not appear like above, then try disconnecting your Facebook account from the ROP dashboard and re-adding it and test sharing again.

If you're still not getting your Facebook shares to appear like above then please send us a support ticket here.

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