Info we collect in seamless social network connection

In the new version of Revive Social we save some info from users trying to connect their social media accounts to the plugin via our "Sign in to <Network>" button. The info we use includes:

Site URL, WordPress Admin Email, Facebook/Twitter Email

Why we save this:

To prevent our Apps from being misused for malicious purposes, we need to ensure the websites being connected via our app are not malicious websites. Such websites include:

- Websites that have been blacklisted by external services as spammy

- Websites sharing posts containing malware

When a connecting pattern is noticed we might blacklist such websites from connecting via our Facebook app in the future. Such website domains might include free domains received from free web hosting which sometimes can contain embedded malicious code. 

If a blacklisted email address is trying to connect their website via our Apps we might also redirect the connection to prevent misuse of our app. 

To have us delete any info collected during the connection please contact us here

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