How to move to Linkedin API v2

LinkedIn will soon retire it's old API, in the latest version of Revive Old Post (v8.2.3+) we've added support for API v2 but users who previously had LinkedIn connected to the plugin might have to create a new LinkedIn App and connect it to the plugin.

Step 1

Go to the Accounts area and switch the app off, then click the little bin icon which shows up when you hover over the account to disconnect the app:

Once you disconnect the app, refresh the Revive Old Post page and then go to the LinkedIn app which you created on LinkedIn Developers and head to the Auth tab:  

Scroll down the page and if your permissions area looks like the image below then you do not need to create a new app. You simply need to reconnect the app to Revive Old Posts.

If your permissions area does not have the r_liteprofile, w_member_social and r_emailaddress permissions then you'd need to create a new LinkedIn App, follow this guide again if you need a refresher for creating a LinkedIn App:

Encounter any issues? Send us a support ticket here:

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