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Fix Twitter Invalid media_id: Some()

This issue is usually caused by two things: 

#1 - Twitter can't crawl the image for the post you are trying to share.

#2 - The image for the post you're trying to share is not located on your server.


To fix confirm and fix #1 go to: https://cards-dev.twitter.com/validator and paste the link to the blog post that had the problem(usually the post would still go through on Twitter, just without the image). After pasting the link to the blog post, click Preview Card and if the results doesn't show like this:

As you can see the log shows that the card loaded successfully. If the log above shows an error in loading the card then there might most likely be an issue with your website featured images. 

This can be caused by SEO plugins or other plugins so please try disabling your plugins one by one then trying to validate the link at each point to see which plugin might be causing this.


For our plugin to be able to share your images to twitter, those images need to reside on your server. Unfortunately at this point in time this is how the plugin is able to share the images.

If you're using an image CDN such as JetPack's Accelerator/Photon then those images would be served from an external URL and might have issues sharing.
To fix this issue for JetPack you need to disable the image aceleration option in the Jetpack settings:

If you're still receiving the error in your log or none of these solutions apply to you then please reach out to our support here: https://revive.social/support/

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